Disorders Of The Feet

A podiatrist specializes in disorders and injuries of the ankles and feet, which can range from issues that cause discomfort for patients, but are easily remedied, to disorders which require surgery to cure the problem. If you are experiencing problems with your feet or ankles, you will want to discuss them with your physician, who will then make the decision of whether you need to be seen by a specialist or not. Disorders of the feet can cause problems and affect the entire body, because when your feet are uncomfortable or painful, performing everyday activities can become a challenge.

Here are some common disorders of the feet that people go to a podiatrist for help with:

Flatfoot – This disorder occurs when the arch of the foot collapses and normally happens when the person is walking or standing. Arthritis may be a factor in a patient with flatfoot, as well as excessive weight. If it is left untreated for too long, flatfoot can create painful tearing and stretching of the soft tissue that is in the foot. Sometimes, supportive shoes can help this disorder, while other times surgery is necessary.

Bunions – This foot deformity indicates that the toe has started to point inward. It is a painful lump that occurs on the side of the foot, normally due to a genetic weakness of the structure of the foot, but can also become worse by wearing shoes that are not appropriate and comfortable for the feet. A podiatrist will recommend the proper course of action, depending on the severity of the bunion. Some can be cured by wearing the right shoes, shoe pads, orthotic apparatus, and sometimes surgery.

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