Entertain in Style Wearing a Leather Blacksmith Apron

Leather Blacksmith Aprons have become part of women’s outfit for ages. They are used to make sure that the clothes are kept clean when cooking, gathering firewood and eggs and when cleaning. As a matter of fact, aprons are popular during 1700s that it is acceptable to wear them although you are wearing a full dress. At the present, aprons are regaining its popularity as an item with function and also as fashion statement.

Apron styles changed as years pass by due to the increasing number of resources and materials available. The common white aprons that cover the dress of a woman were bleached and starched for many years. Aprons have been used since those times but they are rarely worn anymore because inexpensive clothing and washing machine are already available in the market.

There a two types of aprons, the waist apron and the bib apron. The waist apron only covers half part of the body beginning at the waist and down to the knees or ankles. It has strips of cloth that you can tie from the back. The bib apron on the other hand, covers the whole body beginning from the chest to the knees or lower. It also has strips, like the waist apron, that can be tied at the back and a strap that should be worn around the neck.

Aprons intended for cooking are commonly made with linen, cotton and other strong but washable fabrics. They can be knitted, crocheted or sewn. Aprons that are used in carpentry, welding and soldering are usually made of leather.

An apron can be created inexpensively and easily using dish towel or left over cloth. The towel must be approximately 18 by 28 inches and must be rectangular in shape. Fold it in half making sure that the printed or right side is in, and then fold the bottom. Afterwards, fold the upper part halfway for the pockets. Iron it to create a crease then pin the sides. Sew the sides where you made the fold. Afterwards, sew lines to have two or three pockets. Use several backstitches to strengthen it.

For the tie, get the measurement of your waist then double it then add thirty inches more to it. Cut strips of fabric with a width of four inches and its length based on your waist measurement. Sew the strips on the right sides of the apron. Fold the ends inwards then sew. For the tie, find its middle by folding it in half and then sew its top and bottom to the apron. When you are successful in creating your first homemade apron, you would want to try more advanced patterns. It can be plain or fancy, depending on your preference. Men also like aprons that are created at home which they can use when barbecuing or cooking.